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About us


Long term sustainable societal benefits result from innovative solutions that are scalable and resilient over time. At AIID, we get involved only in projects that combine innovation, scale, sustainability, and resilience. Every project we choose to undertake is based on and is measured against these pillars. Our focus is concentrated around mitigating climate risk and preparing society to deal better and sustainably with the adverse effects of climate risk. We help design, pilot, implement and scale insurance products that provide measurable value to society. 


Our Vision

We envision access to financial services in Africa through innovative digital solutions that scale and impact.


Our Mission

To provide innovative linkages between small scale farmers and the service provider market in Africa.

Leveraging innovative digital technology, AIID will develop a comprehensive digital financial and service delivery platform that will enable insurance companies and governments to provide products in cost effective and efficient manner.

The AIID platform will provide infrastructure to effectively deliver social insurance programs by governments while providing the requisite inclusive and innovative capacity development that will catalyze the market for the growth of partially subsidized and voluntary insurance schemes.

Building on cutting edge instructional design principles, AIID will provide tech-enabled m-learning capacity development services for
insurance company staff, governments, and insurance clients

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